Get Involved

Whether you go to Camp as a Counselor or Staff member, sponsor a Camper through Starfish Club, or volunteer with one of the many projects at home before, during, or after camp, there is a place for you to be involved.

Camp Counselor

For every counselor willing to spend the entire week at camp, two Campers are able to attend. Male counselors are always our biggest challenge to recruit. 

Counselors arrive at camp the day before the campers to prepare the cabins, help setup camp, and welcome campers when they arrive on Monday. Counselors are responsible for their two campers during the week and will receive the names and ages of their campers during the week leading up to camp.

Training and background screening are mandatory for every counselor, new or returning.


Out camp staff are the nuts and bolts of camp. Their responsibilities include, drama, music, woodshop, fishing, creative activities, dress up, crafts, sports & outdoor activities, as well as counselor support throughout the week. Staff members also arrive the day before camp to help get everything ready for the arrival of campers on Monday. 

While counselors focus most of their time with their two campers and the rest of their cabin, staff members have the opportunity to interact with all the campers throughout the week. 

Training and background screening are required for all staff members.

Camp Registration

While those assisting with registration don't attend the week of camp, they are vital in welcoming our campers and setting a tone for this new experience first thing Monday morning. 

They help by checking in campers, distributing t-shirts, mane tags, and loading camper luggage on the bus. Our registration workers are vital to ensuring a camper's first impression of Royal Family Kids' Camp is a positive one. 

Many kids are nervous and unsure what's going on and your smiling face will be the first one they see before they even get to camp. Workers will need to arrive bright and early at 6am Monday morning, and the campers will usually head towards camp by 8:30am. 

Registration workers need to complete a simple application, have a background screening, and attend a limited training, usually the week before camp.

Birthday Crew

One day of the week, we celebrate Everybody's Birthday and throw a camp-wide party. Many times campers are shifted between homes and don't often celebrate their birthdays. Over and over again campers have told us their first time celebrating their birthday was at camp.

The party often includes bounce houses, balloons, clowns, temporary face tattoos, a dunk tank, bubbles, and plenty of fun birthday games. After the party we have a whole camp silly string fight! Of course there is always pizza, cake, ice cream, and presents just for them! More help is always need with the all the games and events going on. 

We depend on our birthday volunteers, lovingly referred to as "Purple People", who come up to camp just for the birthday party. 

Birthday workers are required to complete a simple application, have a background check, and attend a limited training session usually during the week leading up to camp.

Welcome Home Dinner

After a very exhausting but rewarding week at camp, staff and counselors are often emotionally and physically drained, especially after just having said goodbye to their campers. 

The Welcome Home Dinner is a catered 'thank you' meal for all the camp volunteers. Special care is taken to assure the meal is non-camp food, in short a Royal end to a Royal week. Volunteers for the dinner are needed to serve the meal and help clean up. No training is needed and it's a great way to be part of camp and give a Royal finish everyone returning from the week at camp.